[Pdmtl] Gemwin problems pt.2

rico poor chico ricafur at gmail.com
Lun 14 Fév 23:45:19 EST 2011

My solution so far:

I reduced (in Display Preferences) the projector's resolution to 640 x 480.
I correspondingly changed the gemwin dimensions to 640 x 480.

Since I was hitting some kind of gemwin dimension limit around 700 pixels,
PD now outputs an entirely coloured screen on the projector-side of my
virtual desktop... and that's what I want     :)

I'm still curious as to why I couldn't to have a gemwin larger than 700 x700
on my virtual desktop...... ung ung ung... and I feel like I've done a 1024
x768 projection outta PD before..... I actually came up against the same
issue in MAX 5 (yes, I re-made my PD patch in Max 5)

hmmm.... well it works now!

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