[Pdmtl] Gemwin problems

rico poor chico ricafur at gmail.com
Lun 14 Fév 09:53:50 EST 2011

Hi there, Bonjour,

I've got a simple switch circuit hooked up to PD via my arduino. The switch
is supposed to change the RGBcolour of the gemwin. The PD2Arduino part works
fine, but I am having troubles with my [gemwin] patch.

I have a projector (with a native res of 1024 x 768, 70Hz) connected via VGA
to my PowerBook G4 as a virtual desktop. Not in mirror mode.

On my iMac (intel duo core with PD-extended 0.41.4), this patch works great.

However, on the computer I need  to use, my PowerBook G4 (power pc with PD
-extended 0.41.4), the GEM window opens, but is all white and unresponsive.
The only error message I get in the G4's Pd window is "GemWindow Activate
err=0" , but I get that message in the Pd window of my iMac as well, and the
patch works fine there.

In trying to troubleshoot the probelm, I have found that my G4 creates a
responsive [gemwin] up until the "dimen 700 700". After that, all white. And
it kind seems to mess up PD in a larger way because if I cose the patch, and
open the [gemwin] help file, I keep getting a blank, white window.

I've tried doing fullscreen on both the G4's desktop and the projector
desktop and the same problem occurs, the [gemwin] is all white.

I've tried sending the "reset" message to the [gemwin] object to clear it's
cache or whatever, still nothing.

There's no other [gemwin] or gem patch going on in the background.

I 've attached my patch to this post, if anyone want a give it a try. Thanks
for any help you can offer. Merci d'avance!

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