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Sébastien Roy sebastien.3d.roy at umontreal.ca
Ven 26 Aou 13:24:24 EDT 2011

*UnderstandingVISUALMusic 2011*____

*Hexagram-Concordia Centre for Research Creation in Media Arts and

*in collaboration with the Department of Music*____


Montreal - Canada____

August 26th and 27th, 2011____

__ http://uvm2011.hexagram.ca/__

*DAY ONE, Friday (Aug 26th)____*

8:30 Registration____

9:00  Opening____

9:15 *Jean Gagnon* (*keynote*) - Visual Music and Instrumental Playing____

10:00 Break____

10:15 *Papers - session  #1*____

1.*Luigi Allemano*- Silent and Still: Origins of 'Visual Music'____

2.*Randolph Jordan*- Visual Music Cinema and the Ideologies of
Sound/Image Synchronization____

3.*Jan Thoben*- Image Audification - Visual Music in Black and White____

4.*Xárene Eskandar*(CVM) - Where to Draw a Line: From ____ to
VJing12:15 Lunch____

13:30 *VISUAL MUSIC show #1* @ DB Clarke Theatre (curated by *The iota

/1./*Jules Engel*- /Shapes And Gestures____/

2.*Chris Casady*- /Puddle Jumper/____

3.*Kino Gil*- /Geometrio/____

4.*Neil Ira Needleman*- /Respect for Red and Green/____

5.*David McCutchen*- /Pachelbel's Canon/____

6.*Bill Alves*- /Celestial Dance/____

7.*Sylvia Pengilly*- /Impossible Spaces/____

8.*Sara Petty*- /Furies/____

9.*Jeremy Speed Schwartz*- /Ornament #3/____

/10./*Audri Phillips *- /I Never Met a Dweeble I Didn't Like____/

11.*Ramona Behravan*- /Genesis and VooDoo/____

12.*Adam Beckett*- /Kitch in Sync/____

15:15 Coffee break____

15:30 *Papers - session  #2____*

1.*Insook Choi & Robin Bargar*- A visual strategy for cultivating
attentive listeners in the context of playable media____

2.*Laurie Radford*- 'I am sitting on a fence' - Negotiating Sound and
Image in Audiovisual Composition____

3.*Joseph Hyde*- Visual Disassociation and Audiovisual Acousmatics:
Noise and Silence in Visual Music____

4.*Brian Evans*- Sound and Meaning in Visual Music____

17:30 Break____

19:30 *VISUAL MUSIC show #2* @ DB Clarke Theatre (curated by the UVM

1.*Jean Piché*- /Australes/Boréales /(21:00)____

2.*Alison Loader*– /Folding/ (2:40)____

3.*Emilie LeBel*– /Devotion/ (11:35)____

4.*Jean Detheux*– /Rupture/ (4:00)____

5.*Samuel Pellman - */NGC 6357/(7:37)____

6.*Dennis Miller*- /White Noise/ (9:40)____

7.*Maura McDonnell*- /Silk Chroma/ (11:20)____

8.*Insook Choi*- /Wayfaring Swarms/ (8:00)____

9.*Joseph Hyde*- /Vanishing Point/ (11:45)____

10.*Jane Cassidy*- /The Night After I Kicked It/ (9:38)____

*DAY TWO - Saturday (August 27th)____*


9:00 *Papers - session  #3____*

1.*Mark Franz*- Composition and Improvisation in Time-Based Visual

2.*Adrian Freed*- Diverse Rolesof Objets Trouvés in Live Solo Visual
Music Practice____

3.*Jaroslaw Kapuscinski*- Oli's Dream: Music of Common Sensibles____

11:00 Break____

11:15 *Jean Piché* (*keynote*) - This is not Cinema. Notes for an
Emerging Art Form____

12:00 Lunch____

13:30 *VISUAL MUSIC show #3* @ DB Clarke Theatre (curated by *Dennis
Miller* - VM Marathon)____

/* All selections are from the Northeastern University Libraries Visual
Music Special Collection.____/

1.*Stephanie Maxwell*, images *Allan Schindler*, music - /Time Streams/
(2003) ____

2.*Vishal Shah*, images *Adam Stansbie*, music - /Seek Assistance/

3.*Jim Ellis*, images *Aksak Maboul*, music - /Whisper/ (1997) ____

4.*Damir Cucic*, images *Erich Maria Strom*, music - /Memory of the
Tape/ (2007)____

5.*Rebecca Ruige Xu*, images *YanJun Hua*, music - /Rain/ (2005) ____

6.*Betsy Kopmar*, images *The Headroom Project* (*Andreas Ecker*), music
- /Night Fishing with Comorants/ (2009) ____

7.*Bret Battey*- /Sinus Aestum/ (2009)____

8.*Kasumi*, images *James Lauer*, music - /UGOKU/ (excerpt) (2007)____

9.*Brian Evans*- /Pipilo/ (2007)____

10.*Semiconductor (Ruth Jarman & Joseph Gerhardt) - */200
Nanowebbers/(2005) ____

11.*Bum Lee*, images *Erik Satie*, music - /Sports and Diversions/

12.*Tina Frank*, images *General Magic*, music - /Chronomops/ (2005)____

13.*Karen Aqua*, images *Ken Field*, music - /Sensorium/ ( 2007)____

14.*Brian O’Reilly*, images *Curtis Roads*, music - /Nanomorphosis/

15.*Gerhard Daurer*, images/music- /add.value 5 more/ (2006)____

16.*Jean Detheux*, images *Jean Derome*, music - /Machinalement/ (v.31)

17.*Eva M. Toth*, images *Gyorgy Kurtag Sr. & Jr*., music - /Lajka’s
Memory/ (2004)____

15:15 Coffee break____

15:30 Papers - *session #4____*

1.*Eleni Michaelidi - *Music to be seen: The Diatope (1978) by Iannis
Xenakis as an early example of a digital audiovisual aesthetic____

2.*Ewa Trebacz*- Depth modulation: visual music in immersive media

3.*Lewis Sykes*- The Augmented Tonoscope____

4.*Adam Tindale - *Designing Audio Reactive Visual Software____

17:30 Closing remarks____

19:30 *VISUAL MUSIC show #4*  @ DB Clarke Theatre (curated by the UVM
team) ____

An all-live show featuring *Lumínico* from Mexico (*Rodrigo Sigal,
Alejandro Escuer, ____*

*and José Luis García Nava*) and other international artists/performers.____

1.*Julien-Robert Legault Salvail*- /Fit into the crowd/ (10:00)____

2.*Jaroslaw Kapuscinski*- /Oli’s Dream/ (6:00)____

3.*Bruno Degazio*- /Fractal Shiva /(7:00)____

4.*Donna Hewitt*– /Idol/ (8:30)____

--- short break ---____

5.*Patrick Saint-Denis*– /Trombe /(7:00)____

6.*Terry Gambarotto*– /Kardionic/ (13:00)____

7.*Mark & Laura Cetilia*– /Aphrosia/ (13:00)____

--- short break ---____

8.*Lumínico*(featured artist) - Live performance (30:00)____


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