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Alexandre Quessy alexandre at quessy.net
Ven 8 Oct 19:40:58 EDT 2010

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From: Alexandre Quessy <alexandre at quessy.net>
Date: 2010/10/8
Subject: ANN: Toonloop 2.0!
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I'm happy to announce the release of Toonloop 2.0.0. I finally decided
to freeze the current interface of Toonloop, since I will need to use
it a lot in the next few weeks. I should then stop developing it, and
call it "stable". I was also much sure about my choices. Using
GStreamer and Clutter in C++ are pretty safe choices for a live
animation software.

Ubuntu GNU/Linux users can get it from my Toonloop PPA:

A Debian package should be available for Debian Sid in not so long.

You can get the tarball from http://toonloop.com/?q=download or check
out the Git repository from http://github.com/aalex/toonloop

Have fun making live animation movies. :) More info: http://toonloop.com/

2010-10-08: Toonloop 2.0.0

This release is the first release of the 2.0 series! After eight
months of development, Toonloop 2.0 is finally ready be released. A
stable release means that the command-line options and the interactive
keyboard controls should not change much for all tags with 2.0 as
major-minor numbers. Some new features might be developped in that
branch, but each release should be backward-compatible with their
ancestor. The next unstable development branch is 2.1. The next stable
series is 2.2.

This version contains new features and bug fixes.

New features:
   * Added the --max-images-per-clip option. Default is 0. (infinity)
   * Added the --intervalometer-rate option
   * Added the --enable-intervalometer option
   * Added the --layout option
   * Using a messaging queue for the OSC callbacks
   * Added the --remove-deleted-images option
   * Improved the man page

Bug fixes:
   * Fixed a crash when the OSC interface was enabled.
   * Then, fixed another crash when the OSC interface was not enabled.

Alexandre Quessy

Alexandre Quessy

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