[Pdmtl] jobposting: mobile device audio developer

Florian Grond fgrond at techfak.uni-bielefeld.de
Ven 17 Déc 09:57:45 EST 2010

The Shared Reality Lab at McGill University is hiring a qualified 
developer for our "In Situ Audio Services" (ISAS) project.  This 
involves developing spatialized audio rendering on mobile devices for 
the blind community, providing them with an enhanced sense of location 
awareness and an ability to actively explore their surroundings.  The 
project is funded by the Minstère des services gouvermentaux and Google 
Research. The developer will start from our initial audio rendering 
software, written in Pd, running in the ZenGarden library on the iPhone 
platform, and augment this with parameterized control from the 
application, being developed in Objective C.  Additional tasks will 
involve adding content to and querying our geospatial database, and 
managing the polyphonic audio sources that may be driven from a 
combination of text-to-speech, pre-stored files, network streaming, and 
local audio synthesis.

Suitable candidates should have a strong programming background and 
experience with digital audio, in particular, real-time synthesis, 
spatialization, and sound design.   Pd or MAX/MSP experience is 
important, and some familiarity with the iPhone SDK a significant 
benefit.  Additional skills of value include technical writing, 
knowledge of CPU performance issues, and experimental design.

The initial contract will be for six months, starting in January, or as 
soon as the slot is filled, and may be renewed.  Salary is $40k per 
year, plus benefits.

To apply, please send your CV and cover letter to sre-jobs at cim.mcgill.ca.

F l o r i a n   G R O N D
PhD Student at Ambient Intelligence Group,
CITEC Bielefeld University, Germany
Universitaetsstrasse 21 - 23 33615 Bielefeld
Tel.: 0049 521 106 12132
http://cit-ec.org   http://grond.at

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