[Pdmtl] [PD] ANN: Purity dynamic patching for Python release 0.1.1

Alexandre Quessy listes at sourcelibre.com
Sun Oct 18 17:08:01 EDT 2009

Thanks for trying it. Could you guys test my 0.2.1 version that I have
just uploaded to PyPI?

To install it :

sudo easy_install purity --prefix=/usr/local
...And then I guess, download manually the tarball and test it using
python [example] on the command line.

Can anyone give me command lines to launch pd with a patch on Windows
and Mac OS X ? That would help me a lot to make it portable.
Thanks !


2009/10/12 Alexandre Quessy <listes at sourcelibre.com>:
> Hi Marius !
> It works on Mac OS X. This is good news ! Can you give me the command
> you used to start PD? Maybe this could be given as an optional
> argument to purity.
> Next, for the syntax, feel free to wirte on the dataflow wiki about
> how we could improve it. You need to create a user. There could also
> be a page on the PD Web site if you prefer.
> For the "sdist" package, I am still trying to figure out how to
> include the *.pd package data. It works when you install the package
> using "sudo python setup.py install", but not when installed from Pypi
> using "sudo easy_install purity". I will work on that for version 0.2.
> Thanks for trying it !
> a
> 2009/10/6 marius schebella <marius.schebella at gmail.com>:
>> nice! getting it to run under os x took some time, though.
>> the link on http://pypi.python.org/pypi/purity to the tar.gz package
>> seems broken,
>> I had to fink install twisted2-py25, and also change the pd command in
>> server.py and then the
>> purity-0.1.1-py2.5.egg/purity/data was missing the file dynamic_patch.pd.
>> will continue testing...
>> at the moment I am wondering, if there is a (better) way to work
>> around the ugly pd file format with all the connects at the end and
>> naming the objects...
>> I guess I am looking for something like:
>> for i in range(20000):
>>   obj1 = pdobj.osc~(i)
>>   obj2 = pdobj.throw~("bus-1")
>>   pdconnect(obj1 0, obj2 0)
>> obj1 = pdobj.receive~("bus-1")
>> obj2 = pdobj.dac~
>> pdconnect(obj1 0, obj2 0 1)
>> and then call this script from within pd itself, hehe...
>> marius.
>> 2009/10/6 Alexandre Quessy <listes at sourcelibre.com>:
>>> Hi Pure Data users !
>>> I am happy to announce the first official release of the Purity
>>> dynamic patching package for Python.
>>> You can install it using the command "sudo easy_install purity"
>>> See its Python package at http://pypi.python.org/pypi/purity
>>> Its official documentation is on the DataFlow wiki at
>>> http://wiki.dataflow.ws/Purity
>>> It is released under the terms of the GPL.
>>> Purity is a Python library for Pure Data dynamic patching. The idea is
>>> to be able to harness the power of Pure Data for audio programming
>>> without having to use its graphical interface. Python's clear and
>>> intuitive syntax can be used with profit in order to create intricate
>>> patches with advanced string handling, graphical user interfaces and
>>> asynchronous network operations. Purity uses Twisted, an event-driven
>>> Python framework.
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