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Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
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On Sun, 10 Aug 2008, Luke Iannini wrote:

> Yo Pdmtl

If you are going to post to pdmtl, you should not set the "Reply-To" to 
pd-list. Many pdmtlers are not subscribed to pd-list, and for example, I'm 

> If giving $0 as an argument to an abstraction, it is always first in the 
> argument list. I think of this like emulating the "self" convention in 
> Python.

"self" as first argument in Python it's not a convention, it's mandatory, 
because there are language mechanisms that assume that self is in the 
first position and not anywhere else. Yet, Python requires writing "self" 
explicitly in argument lists. I don't understand that, and they don't have 
Perl's excuse for doing that, they designed it like that.

And then, giving $0 as an argument to an abstraction, is more like passing 
your "self" as an argument to a "new", which, frankly, even in Python, 
could be in any argument position, for any reason whatsoever. You could 
say that it's preferable to put it early in the list, but there are many 
reasons it could be elsewhere.

> Finally, I plan to have a series of "ratifications" on various topics 
> when necessary (e.g. naming conventions etc.), so, if you're all for it, 
> I'd love to include you guys in those

Well, don't expect that the said "ratifications" will affect the style of 
any person other than on those who have "signed" them, and even then, if 
it's not a real signature, you can expect that those people will follow 
only the items that they agree with and skip the rest.

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