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Image by Alejandra Perez Nunez

  Studio XX Newsletter 39 - Septembre 2007

    * :: General Assembly <#1> [2 Oct]
    * :: Join the Board of Directors! <#2>
    * :: Les Journées de la culture <#3> [29 Sept]
    * :: Our new resident <#4> [4-22 Oct]
    * :: Commission :: Projects using Open Source <#8> [1 Oct]
    * :: Studio XX has a brand new Linux and Mac lab! <#5>
    * :: Professional Workshop :: Multimedia design on Linux <#7> [Nov-Mar]
    * :: Professional Workshop :: MAX / MSP / jitter <#6> [Oct-Mar]
    * :: The HTMlles Festival <#9> [17-21 Oct]
    * :: HTMlles needs volunteers! <#10>
    * :: The Electronic Review .dpi <#11>


    General Assembly [Oct 2]

Studio XX will hold their Annual General Assembly on *Tuesday October 2 
at 6:30pm* in their new premises, 4001 Berri #201.

*Information :: 514.845.7934 :: info at studioxx.org 
<mailto:info at studioxx.org>*


    Join the Board of Directors!

/Generous, fun-loving Board of Directors seeks new members to help mix 
business with pleasure./

If you are interested in joining the Board of Directors, please send a 
short letter of interest to info at studioxx.org 
<mailto:info at studioxx.org>. Should we receive more candidates than 
seats, your candidacy may go to vote. Don't miss out on this amazing 

*Information :: 514.845.7934 :: info at studioxx.org 
<mailto:info at studioxx.org>*


    Les Journées de la culture [29 Sept]

*On Saturday September 29th, Studio XX will open its doors from 1-6pm.*

Media Art + Sound and visual interactive Installation + Electronic music 
+ Sound experimentation

*:: 1:00pm ::*

*Julie Leblanc* was introduced to programing and interactivity during 
last season's workshop at XX on MAX/MSP/Jitter and microcontrollers. She 
will present the interactive audio-visual installation "Dentelles et 

*Valérie Walker* describes herself as "a digitally rooted fiber artist 
with an active transmedia practice - a thread-bender, a virtual reality 
spinner." After two years in Halifax, she's back in Montreal to present 
her latest work.

*:: 3:30pm ::*

*Musical Moment* :: A great opportunity to experience experimental music 
and to be surprised by astonishing sounds with the *"Unpredictable 
Quartet, 1st edition"*.

*Magali Babin* is a well known performing sound artist within the 
Montreal scene. She is known for her delicate and minimalistic style. 
She will be doing a residency at Studio XX this fall.

*Myléna Bergeron* practices live improvisation, mixing field recordings 
and electronic manipulation. She will be part of the upcoming HTMlles 
Festival (Oct 17-21) in a duet with the photographer Isabelle Hayeur.

*Patrice Coulombe* is a regular Max-Jitter software teacher at XX. He is 
also a composer and sound artist.

*Hélène Prévost* jumps in front of the microphone to offer some 
improvised sounds. For those who aren't aware, Hélène was the producer 
and host for CBC's "Chaîne culturelle" of new and experimental music for 
over 20 years, as well as a member of XX's Board of Directors. This is a 
very rare appearance!

*:: 4:30pm ::*

*Marie-Ève Boyer* - Sound experimentation Media artist from l'Île de la 
Réunion, Marie-Ève settled down in Montreal to pursue a Masters degree 
in Interactive Multimedia at UQAM.

*Julie Leblanc* - "Dentelles et boutons" - an interactive audio-visual 

*Information :: 514.845.7934 :: info at studioxx.org 
<mailto:info at studioxx.org>*


    Our new resident [4-22 Oct]

The multidisciplinary artist, originating from Chili, Alejandra Perez 
Nunez, will be in residence at Studio XX from 4-22 October. Throughout 
her stay, she will be involved in a number of activities, including two 
workshops and a performance.

Alejandra will be giving a sound performance at the HTMlles Fesival on 
19 October, at La Centrale.

During her residency, she will create a web-based work on her semantic 
research of the Studio's website database.

Alejandra will also offer the following two workshops:

*1) Electronics Crash Course: a DIY resistance :: Sound generators*
The creation of a noise generator and a crackle box, run through tiny 
solar panels.

*Dates*: Saturday and Sunday October 6-7, each day from 10am-5pm (14hrs)
*Cost*: $50 (this includes materials)

*2) Electronics Crash Course: a DIY resistance: Radio*
The creation of and experimentation with an FM emitter, an AM receptor, 
and an antenna.

*Dates*: Friday and Saturday, October 19-20, each day from 12-4pm (8 hours)
*Cost*: $25

... + details <http://studioxx.org/newsletter/annonce_nunez_workshop07.html>


    Commission :: Projects using Open Source [1 Oct]

*Digital Autonomy and Activism
Multimedia design on Linux :: with The GIMP, Blender 3D, Ardour and Pure 

Studio XX is looking for 6 professional new media artists to produce 
artworks developed with free and opens source software (FOSS). 
Applicants should be open to collaboration, interdisciplinary exchange, 
experimentation and technical challenge in a supportive environment.

*DEADLINE*: *By October 1st 2007* :: Submit a one page project/artwork 
outline, cv and artist statement.
*Last week of October 2007* :: Workshops commence.

*Artist's Fee : $500*

... + details 


    Studio XX has a brand new Linux and Mac lab!

Studio XX is proud to announce its brand new dual boot Ubuntu/and Mac 
OSX computer lab! By the last week of October we will have six 24" 
screen computers available for our workshop attendees and for our 
members. Become a member <http://www.studioxx.org/e/studioxx/member.php> 
and sign up for a workshop to profit from this great acquisition!


    Professional Workshops

*1) Digital Autonomy and Activism Beginners
Multimedia design on Linux :: with The GIMP, Blender 3D and Ardour* 

Are you a multimedia arts practitioner ready to make the leap to free 
and open source software (FOSS)? Studio XX is hosting a series of 
workshops based on open source tools for artistic creation.

*Dates :* 9-12am, from 27 October to 15 December 2007 and 12 January to 
1 March 2008
*Price :* $190

... + details 

*2) MAX / MSP / jitter :: Tools for technological and interactive arts* 

Studio XX is looking for projects to be produced in the course of a 
professional development workshop for women media artistes.

*Dates :* 1-5pm, from 27 October to 15 December 2007 and 12 January to 1 
March 2008
*Price :* $175

... + details <http://studioxx.org/newsletter/annonce_maxmspjitter07.html>


    The HTMlles Festival [17-21 Oct]

The HTMlles Festival <http://www.htmlles.net>, Montreal's biennial, 
international, interdisciplinary arts event is back for its 8th edition 
showcase of activist, new media and cyber-feminist artwork! This fall, 
CROWD CONTROL, the HTMlles' newest theme, investigates social, 
political, territorial, personal, and conceptual mobility.

CROWD CONTROL will be expressed through an explosion of critical and 
thought-provoking artwork by over 25 women (and men too!) artists and 
theorists engaged in contemporary creative technologies. The four-day 
long renowned fest will feature cutting-edge digital media and 
performance-based artwork which seek their meaning in the simultaneity 
and immediacy of networks and digital communications. Join us in a 
variety of captivating public discussions, workshops and interventions, 
and come to our electric closing party!

As a project of Montreal's first feminist digital resource center, 
StudioXX, the festival supports cyber-feminist analysis, and creates a 
site for international artistic convergence.

Information :: www.htmlles.net <http://www.htmlles.net>


    HTMlles needs volunteers!

Volunteers are essential to the success of our festival. It is an 
excellent opportunity to gain experience, get involved in the local 
community, meet people with similar interests, and support the 
presentation of contemporary new media artists. If you're interested; 
please send us your name, contact info, interests and experience to 
allow us to match you to the position that you would find the most 
enriching and interesting.

We are currently looking for:

- distribution of promotional materials in your neighborhood
- postering (street and bulletin boards) in your neighborhood
- fundraising ad sales

*Welcoming committee*
- door/tickets/guestlist
- tabling and sales

*Technical Support*
- assisting the production manager in various tasks
- "go-fors" & set up/take down crews
- closing party & artist salon staff

* Transportation*
- for the artists' mobility to and from airport/bus terminal
- for the transport of technical materials

*Information :: 514.845.7934 :: info at htmlles.net <mailto:info at htmlles.net>*


    The Electronic Review .dpi

The upcoming edition of the electronic review .dpi is in the works! In 
this new edition, we will continue our exploration of the practices of 
mobility, and more specifically, "suspended mobility".

You will find our chronicle writers: Marianne Cloutier, who has prepared 
a text on web-based arts, and Sophie Le-Phat Ho, who is leaving London 
to comment on the DEAF festival in Rotteram.

You will also meet our newly recruited Émilie Houssa, who is 
contributing a critical piece on "the image", as seen from the lens of 
Paris and French politics. Texts by Adriene Jenik and Helen Varley 
Jamieson will explore new narrative forms of cyberperformance and other 
tools of communication.

In this issue we will also introduce a new chronicle, entitled 
/Actualité/, which will take us into the Montreal metro, where the 
multi-sensory installation /Breaking Point/ will soon be open to the public.

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