[Pdmtl] pdmtl map additions

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Sat Jul 7 14:18:04 EDT 2007

On Sat, 7 Jul 2007, Chris (aka Zeke) of Zeke's Gallery wrote:

> My mistake, I saw SAT and PFOAC and hadn't seen any announcements on teh list 
> from them, so I assumed that you were being more tech/IT and art than strict 
> pd.

Oh sorry, I shouldn't have said that. There are going to be pd-centric 
exhibitions at both SAT and PFOAC in August, but the announcements aren't 
available yet. So I should've asked: do you know something pd-related that 
is going to be exhibited soon, for every of those places?

Quartier Éphémère had some of my newer pd work recently but we took it 
down on May 27.

BTW you had replied in private so I don't quote the rest of your mail 
here, only the part that has to do with the map.

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