[Pdmtl] S.O.S - PD Convention Volunteers needed :)

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Fri Aug 17 15:12:18 EDT 2007

~Pure Data Brothers and Sisters of Montreal~

The PD Convention needs some HELP!!!

Seems like the summer has seduced some of our volunteer support away right
when we need them the most...darn :(

So, we are really really in need of some help!  Remember, if you can put in
8 hours+ of volunteer time you GET YOUR REGISTRATION FEES WAIVED!!!

Here's the Deal:

We really really need people to give us a hand on SATURDAY and SUNDAY
between 10am and 5pm to set things up for the exhibition at La SAT.  If we
get enough hands on Saturday then we may be able to get it all done in one

- We also need installation help on Monday during the day too!

If you can't help out with these days but still want to help out please let
me know and we will set you up with something to do!

Thanks in advance for your help people :)

The convention is just around the corner...

See ya!


PS- remeber to invite your friends to the closing night party at Espace
B....Its gonna be crazy :)

"I once got 399000 at BurgerTime... level 7-2. impossible to do if you don't
have enough pepper"... -m bouchard
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