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Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Mon Aug 6 18:04:40 EDT 2007

On Wed, 1 Aug 2007, [*~] wrote:

> its nice to be here (montreal and pdmtl-list). i think i will do a short 
> presentation about goto10 (and some of its current projects), a artist 
> collective that i am involved with. and after that, i will present some 
> of my works with Pd. this will mostly involve using Pd in live audio 
> performance. i can show you guys my patches and so on. here are some 
> URL: goto10: http://goto10.org/ me: http://sonicvariable.goto10.org/
> looking forward to meet you all:)

Hi everybody, remember that it's tomorrow evening!

>> pdmtl#26 sera le 7 août 2007 à 19:00
>> au RATS (salle 401 du 6545 Durocher)

We will also have Patrick Valiquet presenting:

> Both of the projects involve exchanging information with pd from other 
> processes. One is using pd to search and download files from gnutella 
> which I came up with for a project I was working on at Concordia... the 
> other is dynamically getting information about hotplugged storage 
> devices (cameras, usb keys) into pd which I'm working on for Kyd 
> Campbell. Since I'm more artist than programmer and I don't know C, I'm 
> using py/pyext for both but it seems like a reasonable compromise so 
> far...

And possibly also Alexandre Quessy talking about the use of dynamic 
patching with GEM and/or audio.

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