[Pdmtl] Proceedings from Graz Convention?

Mike Wozniewski mike at ozmediasolutions.com
Tue Sep 26 16:00:15 EDT 2006

Ah. Thanks.

I found this page: 

It seems to have a lot of papers and lecture material. Is this what you 
have? or do you have more?

I'm just interested in seeing the type of work submitted, so that we can 
put together an appropriate call for next year's convention in Montreal.


Mathieu Bouchard wrote:
> On Tue, 26 Sep 2006, Mike Wozniewski wrote:
>> Does anyone in Montreal have a copy of the proceedings from the Graz 
>> Pd Convention?
> I'm the only one to have those documents in Montréal.
> The only other copy of those documents in Canada are in Gatineau (if 
> alx hasn't lost his copy ;-)
>> If so, could I borrow it for a short period of time?
> If you come to my place I'll make you photocopies - I keep the 
> originals for myself.
> However, the paper documents don't say that much and aren't really 
> "proceedings" per se. I haven't been to many conferences in my life... 
> OLS 2000 & 2001, YAPC 19100 & 2001 all had a lot of printed paper, 
> brick-like spiral-bounds. Instead, EuRuKo 2004, PdConvention 2004 and 
> Piksel 2006 were mostly relying on wikis for collecting the papers of 
> the presenters.
> You can download a bunch of papers from the puredata.info wiki.
> The paper documents are interesting anyway cause they may give you ideas.
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