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Hey ,

Sunday November the 12th, I will be playing at the Societe des Arts
Technologiques (the SAT). My set will be a tribute to Hugh Le Caine
and has been comissioned as part of TILT along with performances by
Jean-Francois Laporte, Martin Tetreault, and GOODIEPAL. Please forward
this information to anyone who you think might be interested in

Hope to see you there!


TILT 04: A tribute to Hugh Le Caine
Freida Abtan, Jean-Francois Laporte, Martin Tetreault and GOODIEPAL
Sunday November 12th, 9 pm
Cost: 8$ (or TILT 03 + TILT 04 for 12$)
Societe des Arts Technologiques [SAT], 1195 boulevard St-Laurent

A renowned scientist, physicist and specialist in radars and other
detection objects, Ontario engineer Hugh Le Caine (1914-1977) had a
passion for sounds. An exploratory dimension characterizes both the
instruments he designed during his spare time and his too-rare
recordings. The four guests of this evening have the same imagination
and originality.

the evening is presented by Gayle young, artist, biographer of Hugh Le
Caine and author of the Sackbut Blues" Hugh Le Caine, Pioneer in
Electronic Music (published by the National Museum of Science and
technology in Ottawa). She is director of the Toronto magazine


TILT 03: A tribute to Micheline Coulombe Saint-Marcoux
Steve Bates, Dianne Labrosse, Nelly-Eve Rajotte
Sunday November 12th, 5 pm
Cost: 8$ (or TILT 03 + TILT 04 for 12$)
Societe des Arts Technologiques [SAT], 1195 boulevard St-Laurent

having worked with many contemporary composers, both European and
Canadian, Micheline Coulombe Saint-Marcoux (1938-1985) produced
important works which reveal the openness of the composer to each of
the disciplines she contributed to (voice, percussion, sound
ecology...). Her commitment towards the recognition of electroacoustic
music in Quebec drove the creation of specialized organizations and
the inclusion of this type of music in the curriculum of educational

this program is presented by Jean-Francois Denis..., producer of the
empreintes DIGItales label, who will introduce us to the works of
composer Micheline Coulombe Saint-Marcoux. Some tracks taken from the
Impulsion CD, on empreintes DIGItales will be played.

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