[Pdmtl] CUI et PD

JN jn at rom.fr
Wed Feb 22 11:05:10 EST 2006

bonjour pdmtl

Ci dessous une conversation avec Monsieur CUI, 
vous êtes plus à même que moi de lui répondre, je 
vous laisse la main. j'aimerai bien voir une page 
de ressources sur pd win, lin, mac et la CUI, si 
quelqu'un veut s'y coller. je ne suis pas assez 
spécialiste pour la faire, mais je peux 
éventuellement l'héberger sur artsens.org


Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2006 16:11:45 -0800 (PST)
From: Dan Overholt <dano at create.ucsb.edu>

Hi Jean-Noel,

The CUI hasn't really been tested much with PD yet, so maybe you can tell
me what object to use to test HID input in pd on the mac first... I
wouldn't want to sent it to you and discover that it's not working right
with PD. My guess is that it will work fine - unfortunately though, I'm
not set up with linux right now, but I could probably install ubuntu if
you're not in a rush and try it as well. Please send links and maybe
example patches on how to get HID data into PD.

As for the bluetooth one, it uses the 'serial port profile' of bluetooth,
meaning if PD can open a virtual com port it will work fine (I can explain
the data format, header, etc). Due to the cost of bluetooth modules/Li-Ion
battery/charger though, it is quite a bit more expensive than the normal
CUI - $200. Currently there's not much I can do about this since the parts
just cost a lot.

Best regards,

On Mon, 20 Feb 2006, JNM wrote:

>  Hello
>  Congratulations for your great work on the CUI
>  I am interested to buy one normal CUI 1.0 and a
>  bletooth one. please tell me the price, with
>  shipping for France .
>  we generaly use PD on mac and PC/linux
>  Jean-Noel Montagné
>  http://www.artsens.org

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