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Digital Media Students Association-DMSA dmsa at alcor.concordia.ca
Fri Feb 3 16:54:08 EST 2006

Hi to you all,

I'm part of the Digital Media Student Association [DMSA] in Concordia
University. We are dedicated in bringing together students interested in
technology, digital art and design to create a community for learning and
networking. We serve the dual purpose of representing students in the
Computation Arts / Computer Science programs and enhancing the academic
experience of students by organizing activities that promote digital media.

As part of the activities we organize every year, we have a series of weekly
software and multimedia programming tutorials that are opened to all students.
We, the execs, take care of planning and teaching these tutorials voluntarily,
based on our own knowledge.

This year, we would like to organize a tutorial for Pure Data but none of us
comfortable enough with it to organize a tutorial. We would really like to make
new students discover Pure Data. It is not really known by students because
professors mostly talk about Max/MSP.

If you are interested in spreading your knowledge of Pure Data among the new
generation of new media artists, I would love if you contact me.

Thank you very much for your attention!

Lucie Bélanger
VP. Communication
Digital Media Students Association(DMSA)
Concordia University

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