[Pdmtl] Release imminent

JS js at drone.ws
Thu Apr 20 13:25:29 EDT 2006


I've taken a look at all of this and I guess right now I'm going to do 
something more simple. Flext seems not to work out in pd-extended for 
now. Plus, I'd like to see some people use the library first before 
moving it to pd-extended (my guess is that very few people are going to 
use it as it is now).

Following the doc guidelines on the PDDP wiki, I'll try to produce a 
simple tutorial + _help.pd files for each of my objects. I'll distribute 
them on the A-Lab website and maybe mirror on a personal site.


++ js

B. Bogart wrote:
> Allo JS,
> 1) you should put the project in the PD CVS so it can be automatically
> included in PD extended releases. (well once the FLEXT stuff works out
> for pd-extended) This stuff ends up in other distros like planet CCRMA
> for example.
> 2) you should take a look at the PDDP wiki if your making documentation
> from scratch, since those templates are meant to make things easier:
> http://www.pure-data.info/dev/pddp/
> Is there a description somewhere on what the project actually does?
> ..b.
> JS wrote:
>> Bonjour,
>>     Je m'apprête à releaser, d'ici quelques semaines, un package de
>> reinforcement learning. Le package, écrit dans Flext (donc compatible
>> avec Pd+Max) a été développé au A-Lab avec le soutien d'Hexagram.
>>     J'aimerais avoir des conseils pour le release. En particulier:
>>     1) Quelle est (y a-t-il) la (une) "bonne façon puredatienne" de
>> distribuer les packages? ./configure - make - make install = okay?
>>     2) Même question au sujet de la documentation des objets (en
>> particulier faut-il créer une patch "help" et si oui comment).
>>     Merci,

J. S. Senécal

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