[Pdmtl] RE : krashguitar

patrick patrick at 11h11.com
Thu Nov 24 09:26:00 EST 2005

voici la réponse d'un ami de Gary P. Scavone (mcgill) :

Probably the problem with the VHS tape is that it has a plastic
coating over the iron oxide layer, making it impossible to make
electrical contacts. I would suggest trying some different tape (I
have made this work with 1/2 inch audio tape, and I know of someone
who used JVC video tape)

You can find some helpful information on where to buy
sensors and how to use them on our new wiki:


just click on "sensors," and choose the type of sensing (ie: "linear
position" or "pressure"). The site is still under construction, but
there is a lot of information there.


nice hein? i'm close

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