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patrick patrick at 11h11.com
Wed Nov 23 18:15:44 EST 2005

aussi, j'ai posé une question à ce belge qui s'y connais pas mal en 
électro-synth. malheureusement, la réponse est en anglais, il y a des choses 
que je ne comprend pas :

dans quel genre de magasin je peux trouver ça :
a square resistive carbon foam mat ?

est-ce que ça fait du sens. je veux dire, je vais obtenir un output relatif 
(entre 0v et 5v) selon le contact de la string?

-Suspended  Guitar String - (Output +n Volt)  to VCO
Input +5V --> Ressistive carbon foam Mat   <--Ground

sa réponse :

Hi Patrick,

Yes, you can use a conductive guitar string for the voltage output ( they 
are made of an alloy of copper), provided the Voltage - and the Amperage - 
are low!.

Of course, standard 1/4 inch tape and Video tapes  are resistive (the longer 
the tape, the better the resistance).
And so are carbon foam strips, such as found in automotive gadget shops : 
they connect the car chassis to ground and cure, allegedly, unwanted  travel 
sickness! :-)

For your project, you could use, for example,  a square resistive carbon 
foam mat,  as a base: they are used by electronic technicians to ground 
themselves (when they are handling delicate CMOS IC's). This mat  would give 
you a resistive carbon substrate to generate a resistance between +5V(Left 
side of the mat) and Ground (Right side of the mat).

--------------------------------Suspended  Guitar String n ------(Output +n 
Volt)  to VCO,VCF and Envelope Followers

                 Input +5V --> Ressistive carbon foam Mat  (50cm/50cm) 

Hope it helps! 

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