[Pdmtl] LEMU

JS lord_tatien at yahoo.ca
Wed Mar 16 13:36:01 EST 2005

Vous connaissez ça ? http://www.lemu.org/
"LEMu stands for Live Electronic Music. It is not only a real software 
application or physical interface but also the concept of sponaneitey 
within electronic music:  Jamming.

LEMu is a long-term project that aims to make it easier for live, 
spontaneous, honest /and/ electronic music exchanges.

Despite the hype surrounding it, electronic music is exceedingly 
limited. It is true that making music with computers enables electronic 
artists to theoretically create any sound possible - and there are heaps 
of really cool sounds being made. At the same time, it has always been 
difficult to organise and reorganise these sounds (compose) - 
/continuously in realtime/ - in a way that sounds the way you want it 
to.  To be able to transform a musical phrase in any imagined way 
immediately is the ultimate aim of LEMu.

Obviously, this won't happen unless it is possible to interface one's 
mind with the comuter... However, until then LEMu will attempt to make 
it so that you can easily have a spontaneous and meaningful electronic 
music jam that leaves you on the same kind of high as experienced during 
traditional jamming and without losing any funkiness in the music."

++ Tats

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