[Pdmtl] Tim Blechmann coming to pdmtl?

Alexandre Castonguay acastonguay at artengine.ca
Sun Jan 9 14:32:40 EST 2005


Tim voudrais faire une serie de concerts avec un autre musicien (goh lee 
kwang).   Voici des trucs que je mettais sur le irc avant de realiser que je 
devrais demander ici...



<alx1> hey cool news, Tim Blechmann is going to tour NA so I assured him I 
could get him to do a stop in Ottawa/Gatineau and maybe even Montreal
<alx1> I asked him for more details (time/fee) but it would be cool to have a 
visit during a pdmtl meeting
<alx1> does anyone know eric mattson? or another producer in Montreal?  if not 
I am serious that artengine could sponsor him to play in mtl
<alx1> hmm I should be sending this to the mailing list but I am excited

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