[Pdmtl] compression video under linux

B. Bogart ben at ekran.org
Wed Jan 5 12:27:31 EST 2005

Hey Patrick,

Back on linux (GEM) I was most happy using the still jpeg codec. The files are 
pretty big, no delta compression, but very fast in terms of seeking due to full 
frames and the quality can be whatever you want.

One of my projects mixed two videos at a time at 256x256 resolution at 30fps on 
an old 800MHz PC with an Nvidia geForce2 MX-400.

I've been told by cgc (gem developer) that any codec without delta compression 
will be faster because jpeg decompression is faster than frame reconstruction.

Also maximizing disk access time will help, striped SATA drives? :)


patrick wrote:
> salut,
> je me demande, selon votre expérience, quel est le meilleur format / codec /
> bitrates / size pour faire du vj sous linux (mostly pd gem / pdp /gridflow
> /veejay). critères : clean / seekable / 30 fps. le poids me dérange un peu
> moins, mais le cpu ne doit pas trop travailler trop pour la décompression.
> marc, tu connais bien le mpeg4, est-ce la solution pour faire du live sous
> linux ?
> patrick
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