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Marc Lavallée marc at hacklava.net
Fri Feb 25 16:49:02 EST 2005

Le 25 Février 2005 11:39, B. Bogart a écrit :
> *Art and Math= X: Call for Papers and Artworks
> ...
> Keynote speakers include Miller Puckette.

Excerpt from :

MILLER PUCKETTE. Musician, University of California, San Diego.
Miller Puckette obtained a Ph. D. in Mathematics from Harvard (1986).
Puckette was a member of MIT's Media Lab from its inception until 1987,
and then a researcher at IRCAM (l'Institut de Recherche et de Coordination
Musique/Acoustique). There he wrote the Max program for MacIntosh
computers. The IRCAM real-time development team has since re-implemented
and extended this software under the name jMax.
Puckette is now Associate Director of the Center for Research in Computing
and the Arts (CRCA). He is currently working on a new real-time software
system for live musical and multimedia performances called Pure Data ("Pd"),
in collaboration with many other artists/researchers/programmers
worldwide. Since 1997 Puckette has also been part of the Global Visual Music 
project with Mark Danks, Rand Steiger, and Vibeke Sorensen, which has been
generously supported by a grant from the Intel Research Council.


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