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April 29, 30 & May 1, 6, 7, 8

Home Automation

3pm - 7:30 pm

$4 Adult / 3$ Students

The most intense robotics show you will ever see... the culmination of 3
years of work.

Home Automation: a combination of cinema, theatre and violent robotics.

A family of crash test dummies react to terrorist color code alerts on a
television in a theatrical walk-in living room environment.

These fearful crash test dummy robots are building a bomb shelter
beneath their living room. Arguments ensue between mother, father and
child over who will take responsibility for the work, when their talk is
interrupted by the TV informing them of a raise in the color code terror

As the fears and anxieties of the robots increase, their bodies are
triggered by color changes on the TV, and the crash-robots begin to
musically smash into themselves.

Home Automation combines aspects of cinema, music, theatre and robotics
into one single violent, horrific, astonishing display. It embodies the
ideas of "Post 9/11 Crash Test Collective Consciousness". In the wake of
9/11, we have all become metaphorical crash test dummies, habitually
destroying ourselves as we test our collective fears.

www.pointri.com/home <http://www.pointri.com/home/>

David Karavechus
David Karavechus is the creator of the Home Automation crash test robot

He is an American who was born in Providence, Rhode Island in 1977. In
2002, he moved to Montreal where he now resides. He has been a student
of theatre, cinema, robotics and sociology.

"I see great possibilities in the creation of a new hybrid in the arts:
electronic theatre and three dimensional cinema, robotic actors in a
cinema with four walls. Theatre, puppetry and robotics embody the
re-creation of ourselves as humans in greater and greater likeness, and
what follows is the sense of horror that we must experience as we behold
the re-creation of ourselves and our collective becoming into God."
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