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B. Bogart ben at ekran.org
Thu Oct 14 12:14:54 EDT 2004

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When is pdmtrl #6 ?

I'll probably be in town on the 22nd and 23rd, leaving for Art Futura on the
24th. Will be doing lots of prep work so I'm not sure the time I'll have but If
I am around I would love to come to the meeting.


Matju wrote:
| On Tue, 12 Oct 2004, Lavallée Marc wrote:
|>>Where did you hear about a second conference in Graz?  While there I only
|>>heard of people interested in having one in Montreal and other locations in
|>>Europe.  Also, Miller was quite ready for one in Montreal and only said that
|>>having one next year might place too much pressure on the puredata community
|>>to continue having a yearly event.  in that light, suggesting that there
|>>would be two near simultaneous conferences is ridiculous.
|>Then why not organize a local event for next year, as a practice?
|>Something small, like a week-end (maybe starting friday night), for us
|>living in the north-east of America. It would prove than we could host
|>an international event the year after.
| I suggest that, before such an event, we should have pdmtl#7 at the SAT in
| November and it ought to be bigger and better than pdmtl#3. It could be a
| whole day. I mean even more so than pdmtl#3 ;-)
| I say pdmtl#7 because I think that pdmtl#6 will be this month and will not
| look like a conference but more like a post-flight trauma support group
| ;-) Which could be combined with actual planning. I would like that some
| people would get involved in the local user group first before anyone
| jumps to the regional/national level.
| pdmtl#6 would be 3-4 hours long, as usual, and I'd expect an attendance of
| maybe 10-15 people, including people who want to get involved in the local
| pd community, because that's the kind of topic I want to discuss. I would
| like to have Zack and Monique show up, for example, and anyone who feels
| like doing something.
| besides, I don't know why I always write in English because once we get to
| the actual meetings I always talk in French :-}
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