[Pdmtl] puredata conference - Montreal

Matju matju at sympatico.ca
Wed Oct 13 18:39:58 EDT 2004

On Tue, 12 Oct 2004, Lavallée Marc wrote:

> > Where did you hear about a second conference in Graz?  While there I only 
> > heard of people interested in having one in Montreal and other locations in 
> > Europe.  Also, Miller was quite ready for one in Montreal and only said that 
> > having one next year might place too much pressure on the puredata community 
> > to continue having a yearly event.  in that light, suggesting that there 
> > would be two near simultaneous conferences is ridiculous.
> Then why not organize a local event for next year, as a practice? 
> Something small, like a week-end (maybe starting friday night), for us 
> living in the north-east of America. It would prove than we could host 
> an international event the year after.

I suggest that, before such an event, we should have pdmtl#7 at the SAT in
November and it ought to be bigger and better than pdmtl#3. It could be a
whole day. I mean even more so than pdmtl#3 ;-)

I say pdmtl#7 because I think that pdmtl#6 will be this month and will not
look like a conference but more like a post-flight trauma support group
;-) Which could be combined with actual planning. I would like that some
people would get involved in the local user group first before anyone
jumps to the regional/national level.

pdmtl#6 would be 3-4 hours long, as usual, and I'd expect an attendance of
maybe 10-15 people, including people who want to get involved in the local
pd community, because that's the kind of topic I want to discuss. I would
like to have Zack and Monique show up, for example, and anyone who feels
like doing something.

besides, I don't know why I always write in English because once we get to
the actual meetings I always talk in French :-}

Matsjö Buschahr @ Ruby Konferenz, Muenchen

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