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Monique Savoie nini at sat.qc.ca
Tue Oct 12 17:16:43 EDT 2004


Je crois que nous sommes plusieurs sur le cas de Miller. De mon côté j'ai
demandé à Zack Settel de le contacter pour l'invité.

Je vais transmettre ce courriel à Zack  va sans dire que la SAT est partante
pour participer à accueillir une conférence pure-data à Montréal.

Mo(NINI)que Savoie

On 12/10/04 8:30, "Matju" <matju at sympatico.ca> wrote:

> On Thu, 7 Oct 2004, Alexandre Castonguay wrote:
>> Miller a dit qu'il n'est jamais alle a Montreal et qu'il a entendu
>> tellement de bonnes choses au sujet de la ville qu'il n'attends qu'une
>> invitation!  En fait, tous les participants aimeraient venir a
>> Montreal pour une seconde ou troisieme conference. Je vais colliger
>> l'info des organisateurs dans les prochains jours. Je me demande si il
>> y a des gens interesses en une rencontre afin de discuter de
>> l'organisation d'une conference puredata a Montreal au cours de la ou
>> des prochaines annees?
> Ok, here are a few challenges:
> 1. IEM/ESC/CC/MKL did it real good this year, and are very likely to
> organise one next year, no matter whether there is one in Montreal or not.
> The Montreal one is going to compete for attention with the Graz one. Graz
> is a small city, about the size (population) of Gatineau, which is 10% of
> Montreal or so. YET they kick ass when it comes to PureData. They've been
> doing it for, I don't know, 3-5 years. You know where the
> toggle/slider/etc objects were created? Graz. You know where the central
> repository of GEM's source code is? Graz. You know where is
> http://PureData.info/ ? Graz.
> 2. The average location of major PureData developers is not even in the
> Atlantic Ocean. I think it's more east than that. This year only three
> northamericans flew overseas: Miller Puckette, James Tittle, and myself.
> (note: Alexandre Castonguay came with his own funding; Chris Clepper and
> Adam Lindsay cancelled). If the same event is going to happen in Montreal,
> you either need to be well organised and buy the plane tickets yourself
> and get group deals, or have some bigger source of financing. If you try
> shifting the focus towards NorthAmerica then you have to be careful
> because the authors of extremely important plugins such as GEM and PDP
> live in Graz (.at) and in Barcelona (.es) and in Leuwen (.be) and you do
> not want to miss those people.
> 3. Everyone's English must be good enough. Especially understanding other
> people's thick accents. You have to deal with (mostly) German-English and
> Catalan-English, but also with (for example) Paris-English, Dutch-English,
> Belarusian-English, Polish-English, and all of those people have to deal
> with the thick Montreal-French accent too.
> 4. paying hotel for how many people for how long? and how close to
> downtown (or to whatever buildings used for the conference) would that
> hotel be?
> 5. The Graz convention happened in three buildings. How many rooms do you
> have to your disposal? VG is smaller than the ESC/CC complex in usable
> size. (They don't have professional video edition equipment over there,
> but that's irrelevant to the conference) I think their _total_ area is
> bigger than VG too. The SAT is big, but last time I wanted to use it for a
> PureData meeting, SRC had invaded most of the nice space for long enough
> that I just decided to have that meeting elsewhere.
> so, i hope this is food for thought and that I have covered enough
> potential issues. any thoughts?
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