[Pdmtl] puredata conference - Montreal

Marc Lavallée marc at hacklava.net
Tue Oct 12 09:12:17 EDT 2004

Le 12 Octobre 2004 08:30, Matju a écrit :

> The Montreal one is going to compete for attention with the Graz one.

Instead of competing, let's consider this event as complementary.

> If you try shifting the focus towards NorthAmerica then you have to be 
> careful because the authors of extremely important plugins such as GEM 
> and PDP live in Graz (.at) and in Barcelona (.es) and in Leuwen (.be) and 
> you do not want to miss those people.

If you were able to go there, these people can come here, 
because they don't want to miss you... ;-)

> ... and all of those people have to deal with the thick Montreal-French 
> accent too. 

If we can understand Belorussian-English, they can understand 

> 4. paying hotel for how many people for how long? and how close to
> downtown (or to whatever buildings used for the conference) would that
> hotel be?

That's the expensive part of the equation...

> The SAT is big, but last time I wanted to use it for a PureData meeting, 
> SRC had invaded most of the nice space for long enough that I just decided 
> to have that meeting elsewhere. 

Maybe SAT wants to avoid renting their space to SRC.
The PureData meeting would be such a good reason. ;-)

Another possibility is to find a big country house outside of Montreal...


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