[Pdmtl] [ot?] No One Receiving Ikebana arts and crafts

Michal Seta mis at artengine.ca
Tue Nov 30 22:03:53 EST 2004

Hi all,

This is not spam.  And it is somewhat PD  related
NOR (No One Receiving) is a power-trio I play with.  And I do use PD
among other things.  And we improvise.  Please feel free to visit
www.noonereceiving.32k.org if you think you may require some ear
conditioning beforehand.  But I think it's better to just come and
check us out live.

A part de ça il devrait y avoir viola da gamba +
analog guitar FX, waterphone, gadgets, linux running PD, freqtweak, je
ne sais quoi, microtonal guitar etc.

We will be doing a sort of a guest performance at the Annual Holiday
Show & Studio Sale of Heather Midori Yamada & Friends (what a

4427 boul St-Laurent, 3ème étage
between Marie Anne & Mont Royal
Le 4 Décemb(e)r(e) 7th, 2004
sometime between 3 to 8  PM on and off.

I think it is free.
Moreover, vous pouvez trouver peintures/paintings, collage, gifts/cadeaux fait
avec du papier washi.

Come by and say hi!


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