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Subject: McGill Music Technology Chief Electronics Technician Position

Please help us get the word out about a technician position in the 
Music Technology area of the Faculty of Music, McGill University.  Full 
details are available at:


Details about the Music Technology program are available at:


Note the position will only be advertised for a week.  Also, it should 
be mentioned that maintenance of a network of Macintosh OS X, and 
perhaps Linux, computers running a host of audio and media applications 
is a more important component of the job than might be inferred from 
the "official" online description.  Ideally, we'd like to get someone 
with past experience in distributed maintenance of unix  audio 
computing environments and someone with a passion for audio and music 
computing and electronics.

Any questions about the position can be directed to: 
gary at music.mcgill.ca


Gary Scavone
Assistant Professor
Music Technology
Faculty of Music
McGill University
gary at music.mcgill.ca

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