[Pdmtl] pure-data montréal: mailing list

Marc Lavallée marc at hacklava.net
Thu May 13 16:23:10 EDT 2004

Le 13 Mai 2004 16:07, "B. Bogart" a écrit :
> I know there would be some Toronto PDers interested in attending the
> Montreal meetings via accessgrid/virtual/chat. Shall we try and get this
> going?

Definitely!  (with live holographic vr streaming in full odorama)

> due to my poor french reading comrehension I could not see if there was
> already a location planned for the next meeting.

There was no mention of the next meeting. Only silly comments...

I suggest that the announcements should be bilingual. For the discussions, 
people could decide if they want to use french and or english. Translations 
efforts would be appreciated.  D'accord?

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