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Subject: PD/GEM workshop with Ben Bogart

Artengine is pleased to present a PureData/GEM workshop with 
Ben Bogart. Ben is an artist involved in the AID and 
Synthops-MARCEL projects and on the board of Interaccess. 
Please see his bio below.

Where         : University of Ottawa, Visual Arts Department, 100 Laurier 
(room 205)
When          : July 15th  1-5 pm, July 16th  10-4 pm

Please contact Alexandre Castonguay for registration, 
acastonguay at artengine.ca.

Day 1:

During the first day we will cover a basic overview of what PD is and
how it relates to MAX/MSP. We'll start with a survey of a few basic gui 
objects and internals including: message, print, slider, toggle, bang, 
numberbox, metro, counter and random. At this point we'll introduce
Gem and a few of its basic objects and concepts for creating 3D forms,
moving them in space, and texturing them. We'll finish off the day
by connecting what we learn about PD in general to visual explorations
in Gem.

Day 2:

The second day will start off with a refresher and Q&A around the
content of the previous day. Attendees are encouraged to play
around with pd/Gem as much as possible to make the best use of
this Q&A period. Following questions we'll target the rest of the
workshop around the focus of the attendees. Some possible 
topics include:

How to use PD as a module in another project
How to use the network communication objects
Using advanced Gem techniques (render order, layering etc..)
Overview of $ variables in PD.
Object oriented features such as abstractions and subpatches.
Intro to graph on parent (GOP) abstractions.
Intro to internal PD messages and GUI control (dynamic patching)
Overview of pixelTANGO
OR suggestions from the attendees.

This workshop will provide an overview of PD software and Gem in 
particular, but will also be targeted towards the needs of those
who attend. Please bring your voice and your interests.

Bio :

Ben Bogart has recently completed his BFA in New Media from Ryerson 
University. He is embarking on a career as a emerging artist in the
area of New Media installation. Ben has been involved in amateur
digital imaging and multimedia practice for over ten years. Born in
Vancouver BC in 1978 Ben spent one year at the Emily Carr Institute
of Art and Design to study fine arts, when he transferred to
Ryerson University to complete his degree. Ben has been a
researcher at Synthops, an organization focused on the creation
of art systems for network and stand-alone artworks, for the past
three years. Synthops is a member of the MARCEL group, an
international group of artists and researchers interested in the
cultural and artistic potential of high-bandwidth networks. Ben
concentrates on the development of responsive systems. These
systems respond to the sensed environment to create symbolic
and metaphorical structures.

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