[NDNspam] Why I crashed GlowFair, sort of

Eric Keast erickeast at gmail.com
Tue Jun 21 14:46:19 EDT 2016

        Hi there. I am still new to Ottawa and
just starting to get to know the place. It is
wonderful to discover how much public cultural
activity is being generated by the artistic communities and the city.

      I am from a place with long arts roots, but
shallow public expression; Northwestern Ontario
(and - I suspect - much of rural Canada). It is getting better. I think
that I represented:
Visual Art, yo.  :)

       I am glad to have participated from afar, but
it is intoxicating to interact with people in person, who are genuinely
interested, educated-in and invested in artistic pursuit.

     Being able to share my work with other artists, and receive real
feedback from peers, as well, is
something that cannot be bought or conjured in
the wilderness.

     That being said: That's a big part of why I
crashed #GlowFairFestival 2016, in a loving
and non-invasive fashion.

>From my twitter:

@GlowFair My penance and #publicart, for crashing #GlowFairFestival.
#BingoRageStudio #art #painting #Ottawa

(includes my  #GlowFair2016 public art project video)

Please check out www.BingoRage.com to see more of my writing, videos
(including my
GlowFair public art project) and artwork. You may see an "Adult language"
warning; it is mostly safe,
for adults.

:Eric C. Keast

PS: (This email is being CC'ed, forwarded, etc.
and I will post it to my blog.)

Bingorage Studio
Ottawa, Ontario


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