[Lab] suction?

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Thu Nov 24 17:53:36 EST 2011

I've used large 3 head suction cups before to mounting cameras to vehicles.


They also have 1, and 2 cup version for sale.  The 2 or 3 cup version
are sturdy and are easy to mount things to.

On 21 November 2011 23:43, Darcy Whyte <darcy at siteware.com> wrote:
> I'm might need to mount a drawbot on glass.
> I can't think of anything except suction cups. The difficulty I'm having is
> that you'd need like three per motor spool in order to have good stability.
> Any other ideas floating around out there?
> One thing I thought of was clamping to a window sill.
> Or perhaps there's a way of mounting to the ceiling? But you need to be very
> close to the glass so the strings holding the pen are being pulled towards
> the glass a bit.....
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