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Well from OpenSCAD you would output an STL format. Then take the STL and
put it through a slicer. There are several out there. I'm not 100% sure for
the printrbot because he hasn't released details of his electronics yet.
But I suspect it's designed to work with regular reprap tools.

In that case you likely have either one of two options:

1) The all in one app. (these apps would do the slicing, and control the
2) Standalone slicer (skeinforge for example) and a "Host" app, which
controls the machine.

One nice all in one setup is ReplicatorG. It's got a nice gui, and runs
skeinforge on the backend (but hides it from the user mostly to keep it
simple) and it controls the machine. This is the default app for Makerbot
printers, and is growing a bit more popular for repraps as well.

In ReplicatorG it's as simple as opening the STL, setting a few settings,
and hitting "Print".

I'm currently beta testing a fantastic all in one app called KISSlicer as
well, but currently for repraps it doesn't do the machine control yet (but
it's currently outputting higher quality than skeinforge and it runs WAY

Anyway. there are several options out there. The big question now is how
his electronics work for that printer.

Hope that helps

- Paul

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> hey,
> I was wonderinf.  If some one bought
> http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/printrbot/1239090607 what kind of
> software would I need to pring my 3d object.
> say I have a modle in openscad  what would be the next step to print
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