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Moonsun Choi operations at artengine.ca
Fri Nov 4 14:41:26 EDT 2011

  Call for Volunteers

Electric Fields 2011 (Nov 23rd to 26th ) Needs Volunteers!

Hi Artenginers,

After such an amazing success of the 2010 edition of Electric Fields, 
Artengine couldn't wait two whole years to host another one, so we are 
back this fall with another version!

This 2011 version is different. Focused on the relationship between 
sound and space, Artengine is producing a number of projects that engage 
with specific spaces around the city. While our 2010 festival 
transported you.to another place through over-the-top audio-visual 
performances and larger than life installations, EF 2011 is grounded 
here - in a public pool; a basilica church; civil service buildings; 
iconic national architecture. Electric Fields will use your ears to 
redefine your perception of the spaces around you.

Electric Fields 2011 <cid:part1.09010901.09030607 at artengine.ca> is 
comprised of

1. Polytectures (Nov 23, Wednesday, 5pm ~ ongoing year round @ Bytown 
Museum + around the city's architecture sites 
<cid:part2.01040308.05080709 at artengine.ca>)
2. Church Music (Nov 24, Thursday, 8:30pm @ St. Brigid's 
<cid:part3.08010404.09080904 at artengine.ca>)
3. Swim Sound (Nov 25, Friday, 9:30pm @ Champagne Bath 
<cid:part4.04060904.04070502 at artengine.ca>)
4. Electric PowWow (Nov 26, Saturday, 9:30pm @ the Museum of 
Civilization, Grand Hall <cid:part5.07080804.06040608 at artengine.ca>)

EF 2011 will be extended to a symposium with a comprehensive research 
and discussion on the theme of "space & sound," which will be held in 
May 2012.
It will be finalized with a launch of web publication coinciding with EF 

Electric Fields is getting bold, and NOW we need your help to make this 
year's EF unique and unforgettable!

We're currently looking for volunteers to help with:

1. Postcard distribution

2. Bartending

3. Guest registration

4. Tickets/Door

5. Tech support for performances

6. Publicity coordination

7. Artists transportation

All volunteers will be invited to the Electric Fields launch on November 
23rd, as well as to an orientation session tentatively scheduled for 
Tuesday, November 22nd, at 6 p.m.
In return, Artengine will provide with 3-month Supporting Membership or 
3-month extension of your current Artengine Membership.

Contact Moon sun (_operations at artengine_.ca / 613-686-1941)  with your 
availability and which volunteer positions you're interested in.
We'll do our best to accommodate everyone's interest and expertise!

Can't manage the time commitment, but still want to help?
Do what you can to get Electric Fields 2010 out there: word-of-mouth, 
blogs, online reviews...

Check out electricfelds.ca <cid:part1.09010901.09030607 at artengine.ca> 
for a full description of this year's events.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Best regards

2 Daly Ave
Ottawa, ON    K1N 6E2
(Phone) 613-686-1941
everybody at artengine.ca

Artengine Team;
Ryan Stec, Artistic Director
Moonsun Choi, Operations Manager
Remco Volmer, Electric Fields Coordinaotr
Britta Evans, Lab Coordinator


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