[Lab] Looking forward to the next Wednesday meeting

Stephen Burke steve at envirolaser.com
Thu Nov 3 14:01:09 EDT 2011

BlankI had a great time at last night's meeting.  I really enjoyed seeing
Andrew and the Cupcake in action (the other cupcakes were delicious).  Truly
a nice piece of equipment, and small enough for any enthusiast (my wife
still told me "No" when I suggested getting one - dang!).  The laser cutter
was impressive too, and the soldering station is really well equipped.  I
just might have to move in.

Andrew - thanks for the suggestion to build a fully articulated, human model
based upon my 3D Studio renderings.  I would not try to accomplish such a
task on my own, perhaps others at Mod Lab would be interested in a
collaberative project.  It certainly would be an envelope-pushing
undertaking; requiring robotics, electronics, artistic painting and advanced
model making skills.

With regards to 3D models, if anyone has a need for large acrylic plastic
parts (build volume 11" x 7" x 8") that would not be easily built on the
Cupcake, my employer has offered use of company equipment at a minimal cost
to Mod Lab members.

I will be bringing my 14 yr old son to the next meeting; he has interests in
object oriented programming, robotics and electronics.  Mod Lab looks like a
perfect venue for him to gain some insight.

Stephen Burke
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