[Gridflow-dev] ruby2 problems

Claude Heiland-Allen claude at mathr.co.uk
Thu Jan 14 07:43:56 EST 2016

On 12/01/16 03:42, Mathieu Bouchard wrote:
> Le 2015-12-22 à 11:31:00, Claude Heiland-Allen a écrit :
>> Tried to compile gridflow from svn on Debian Jessie this morning, but
>> failed: ./configure is not compatible with ruby2, some Config objects
>> changed in ruby or so it looks - any idea how to fix it?
> My way to fix it was to just run it using ruby1.9, e.g. instead of
>    ./configure
> you'd do
>    ruby1.9 configure
> but obviously, in the long term, it's not a good idea.

AFAIK there is no ruby1.x anymore in Debian Jessie...

>> Or should I consider gridflow abandonware / bitrotten?
> Yes and no. I'd like to release whatever was done after version 9.14 and
> make sure it can run correctly with modern versions of Pd (that is,
> post-0.42). There are incompatibilities with >=0.43 that still aren't
> fixed, many years after the release of 0.43.


> Yet, I don't really do arts
> anymore. Once in a while, I open my guitar filter/accompanier patch and
> realise that it needs some help to get running and still is clunky. I'd
> enjoy some help.

Sounds like a fun project.  Personally I'm not using Pd much anymore, 
but I have some patches I'd need to see running to work out wtf they do 
anymore to make porting to anything else possible.


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