[Gridflow-dev] domain name expired

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Tue Feb 23 12:30:16 EST 2016

Ok, now it's gridflow.artengine.ca. Do this to relocate your checkout 
(first, cd into the base folder of your checkout) :

   svn relocate https://gridflow.ca/svn/ https://gridflow.artengine.ca/svn/

Le 2016-02-21 à 18:56:00, Mathieu Bouchard a écrit :

> Sorry for the inconvenience, the name "gridflow.ca" expired. If anyone wants 
> access to the files now, write me a private email. I'll fix it soon.

| Mathieu BOUCHARD ----- téléphone : +1.514.383.3801 ----- Montréal, QC

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