[Gridflow-dev] ruby2 problems

Claude Heiland-Allen claude at mathr.co.uk
Sat Dec 26 12:58:59 EST 2015

On 22/12/15 11:31, Claude Heiland-Allen wrote:
> Tried to compile gridflow from svn on Debian Jessie this morning, but
> failed: ./configure is not compatible with ruby2, some Config objects
> changed in ruby or so it looks - any idea how to fix it?

Use "::RbConfig::CONFIG" instead of just "CONFIG".  See attached diff.

> Or should I
> consider gridflow abandonware / bitrotten?

Testing with puredata and gem packages from Debian Jessie (pd 0.46.2):

Compiling spits out many source_filter.rb warnings and C++ narrowing 

Gem bridge seems broken (bogus copy2Image pointer or similar message).

Had to compile with OpenCV disabled else I got unknown symbol cvEllipse 
on load.

Examples menu is broken (tcl/tk popup about pd_open_dir or similar).

Closing the gridflow index patch doesn't work (unknown object error in 
console) - patch window is cleared but refuses to disappear.

But the good news: game_of_life.pd seems to work fine.


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