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Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Thu May 22 01:11:20 EDT 2014

Le 2014-05-14 à 12:23:00, pier caros a écrit :

> Hello everybody,I just downloaded and installed successfully Gridflow in 
> PD. I was looking for a way to bridge GEM and Gridflow , then i found 
> out that [#to_pix] and [#from_pix] should do the work. The problem is I 
> can't find any of theese 2 object in my gridflow subfolders or in the 
> help file. Furthermore, when I open an example patch like 
> game_of_life_gem, my console says that PD can't create these 2 objects. 
> can you help me? thanks in advance

The 3 classes [#to_pix] [#from_pix] [gemdead] are in a separate library 
file that gets loaded by GridFlow automatically upon startup.

GEM has to be loaded FIRST, so please verify the loading-order in Pd's 
preferences. Then GridFlow has to detect the version of GEM. It knows 
three of them. If it finds one of them, it loads the appropriate plugin :

   gridflow_gem9292.pd_linux (for GEM 92)
   gridflow_gem9293.pd_linux (for early GEM 93)
   gridflow_gem9393.pd_linux (for later GEM 93)

Each of these contains the 3 classes at once.

If it does not find one of the appropriate versions, I think you're 
supposed to get an error message. Look at the first few things that 
GridFlow writes in the console.

Note that none of the above is available on Windows, because GEM doesn't 
use exactly the same DLL format as GridFlow, which makes it completely 
incompatible, to summarise very briefly. I tested the bridge on Linux and 

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