[Gridflow-dev] Workarounds for webcam --> gridflow in Windows?

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Tue Mar 12 21:03:42 EDT 2013

One year too late : it seems like Windows camera support for GridFlow will
never come. I'm sorry. Also, GridFlow-Gem interaction is pretty hosed 
since GEM 93 because of things that have changed in GEM in combination 
with the fact that GEM packages are still made using VisualC++ which I 
couldn't get to interact with GNU C++ beyond a too basic level.

These days, I don't work on GridFlow, because I don't use Pd, because I 
don't do arts anymore. Whenever I get back to work on GridFlow, I probably 
won't want to spend much time on Windows, which I haven't booted in in the 
last year or more.

Le 2012-03-01 à 21:08:00, James Harkins a écrit :

> Been a while... my webcam -> gridflow -> OSC -> SuperCollider patch is 
> working really well in Linux. But now a problem -- I need to make this 
> available to some students who are running Windows. [#camera] doesn't 
> work in Windows (unless something changed since the last stable 
> release).
> So then I thought, the first time I tried to use gridflow, I couldn't 
> figure out how to use [#camera] so I ended up doing [metro] --> 
> [gemdead] --> [pix_video] --> [#from_pix]. Then I found... in Windows, 
> no Gem integration ("couldn't create" [gemdead] and [#from_pix]).
> ... which pretty well hoses a major project for the semester.
> So I'm evaluating alternatives. Main question for here is: Is there any 
> way to get webcam input into gridflow under Windows? (I'm guessing no.)
> If not, what would be the next best thing?
> The gridflow objects I'm using are:
> [#camera] [#downscale_by] [#fastblur] [#rgb_to_greyscale] [#reverse] 
> [#motion_detection] [#slice] [#moment 1] [#fold +] and [#redim] to sum 
> the pixels
> Is it feasible to replace these with Gem or other objects?
> Would appreciate some ideas, soon if possible -- if I'm going to get 
> this project off the ground, I need to do it quickly.

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