[Gridflow-dev] GridFlow on the Raspberry PI

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Thu Apr 25 01:48:31 EDT 2013

Le 2013-04-25 à 00:17:00, Alexandre Castonguay a écrit :

> Ok, that must be it, I did not link the abstractions folder!

What do you mean by « link » it ?

> It should be compiled with X11 so I think everything will work straight
> out which is pretty cool!

Actually [#out] itself is an abstraction, so, it should say couldn't 
create #out instead. So, now that I think of it, I don't understand the 
error message at all.

Do you get another error message just before it ?


Actually, [#io.window] does not exist. Instead, it's a part of 
[gf/io_generate] (the abstraction containing the common parts of #in and 
#out). It's possible that this happens in pd due to a change in behaviour 
of pd that I don't know about, or something specific about ARM (cpu 
architecture of Raspberry and... Netwinder).

The box [sel window quicktime] filters the two built-in aliases of [#in] 
and [#out]. What you say sounds like [sel] doesn't work anymore !

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