[Gridflow-dev] GridFlow on the Raspberry PI

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Wed Apr 24 22:16:07 EDT 2013

Le 2013-04-24 à 18:35:00, Alexandre Castonguay a écrit :

> I get an error when attempting to create a window :
> #io.window out
> ... couldn't create

This is because you tried sending « open window » to [#out] (or any 
shortcut for the same thing) while you didn't have the appropriate plugins 

see http://gridflow.ca/help/%23out-help.html

« open window » tries « open quartz », « open x11 » and « open sdl » in 
that order, stopping at the first that works. If you have none of those 
plugins ready to be used, it causes an error.

Or perhaps you have a problem with abstractions, I'm not sure. The message 
above looks like [#io.window] is not found, but that's an abstraction. 
Verify if other abstractions work first, and if not, you have a problem 
with -path settings.

PS: To other readers... If I reply quickly to this message, it's only 
because I already know the answer. The 3 last emails that I delayed were 
about things I didn't know how to reply to.

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