[Gridflow-dev] no x11 window

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Sat Mar 17 11:19:28 EDT 2012

Le 2012-03-14 à 22:27:00, Alexandre Castonguay a écrit :

> I checked out the latest version of gf on subversion and compiled it 
> with x11 support (I did have to create a symlink to 
> /usr/include/i386-linux/gnu/sys/shm.h for it to find shm).  I can't 
> create a window with [#out window] or [#out x11].  Sdl works but the 
> fullscreen option is not available in the patch (only through keyboard 
> shortcuts) and it seems slow so I'd like to try x11. I'm on xbuntu 
> 11.10.

I thought I had replied to this, back in december, but in the end, I think 
that I didn't. Sorry.

The answer to the question is to read the README. The package name is 
already listed in there, in the section about installing on Debian/Ubuntu.

If you don't want to follow instructions, you can look for every .h 
separately using a query like :

Which shows libxext-dev in particular.

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