[Gridflow-dev] Workarounds for webcam --> gridflow in Windows?

James Harkins jamshark70 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 08:08:36 EST 2012


Been a while... my webcam -> gridflow -> OSC -> SuperCollider patch is working really well in Linux. But now a problem -- I need to make this available to some students who are running Windows. [#camera] doesn't work in Windows (unless something changed since the last stable release).

So then I thought, the first time I tried to use gridflow, I couldn't figure out how to use [#camera] so I ended up doing [metro] --> [gemdead] --> [pix_video] --> [#from_pix]. Then I found... in Windows, no Gem integration ("couldn't create" [gemdead] and [#from_pix]).

... which pretty well hoses a major project for the semester.

So I'm evaluating alternatives. Main question for here is: Is there any way to get webcam input into gridflow under Windows? (I'm guessing no.)

If not, what would be the next best thing?

The gridflow objects I'm using are:

[#moment 1]
[#fold +] and [#redim] to sum the pixels

Is it feasible to replace these with Gem or other objects?

Would appreciate some ideas, soon if possible -- if I'm going to get this project off the ground, I need to do it quickly.


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