[Gridflow-dev] #moment_polar --> cv/#Ellipse ?

James Harkins jamshark70 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 4 03:00:28 EDT 2011

Sorry for the basic question -- I'm very confused about the output of #moment_polar.

I have a grayscale grid going into a [#moment 2] --> [#moment_polar].

Left outlet: "angle... as int" (according to help)

^^ What is the actual unit of measurement? Clearly not degrees or radians. I tried scaling like so -- [expr $f1 / 16383 * 180] thinking, maybe -16384 corresponds to -180 degrees and 16383 to 180 degrees. What I got is an angle hovering around -155, regardless of the image contents.

Right outlet: Radii

I'd like to convert these into parameters for cv/#Ellipse but unfortunately, that object's help patch (and opencv documentation online) is equally vague about expected input ranges.


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