[Gridflow-dev] expr problem with '**'

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Wed Nov 9 10:58:07 EST 2011

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>Subject: Re: [Gridflow-dev] expr problem with '**'
>Le 2011-11-02 à 16:36:00, Ricardo Fabbri a écrit :
>> I'd like to report that #expr is mostly for me,
>mostly _working_ for you ?
>> but it doesn't recognize the '**' operator. From the #-test.pd :
>> [#expr fact($f1)**2]: unknown operator '**'
>Not all things written in tests/*.pd work. The big pile of stuff in #expr-test.pd should all work when you click the bang, but the rest of the tests aren't categorised, labelled or documented. Ideally, every automatable test would look like it is in #expr-test.pd. In the meanwhile, you have to ignore that [#expr] which is not even in the right test-file and is about a feature that is not implemented.
>$f1**$f2 is to be written pow($f1,$f2) instead. The former is the syntax used in Ruby/Python/Pascal/Gnuplot/etc. The latter is the syntax used in [expr] and in C. I might add support for **, but it's not necessary right now, and it's trickier because it's an exception because of different parsing. It's a right-to-left association thing : a**b**c must parse as a**(b**c) and I didn't want to have to think about it at this point.
>BTW, I just made [#expr] about 12 times faster on Sunday night. Now it's almost as fast as [expr].
I don't have my chat logs handy, but I remember you saying something about a hypothetical [#expr~] 
or [#fexpr~] possibly being faster than their counterparts.  Am I remembering that correctly?


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