[Gridflow-dev] (noob) #background_model?

James Harkins jamshark70 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 05:19:25 EDT 2011

I was told this is the place for gridflow tech questions... I'm new to it but I'm a quick study (been around SuperCollider for ages).

I've been fiddling about with #labelling, having quite a lot of fun. #camera is working, reads well, and #labelling is doing what it should, given a dark enough background. But I can't guarantee that, so now I'd like to take out background pixels. I have to admit, #background_model-help.pd is a wee bit opaque.

- On my Ubuntu 10.04 install of pd-extended (0.42.5), there's only one window for #out, but 3 [#out window] objects. I'm not sure what I'm seeing in the one visible window.

- To see the separate grid outputs in one window, I changed the help patch as attached.
Hradio=0 shows occasional flashes of noise, mostly black with some spots of dark gray.
Hradio=1 shows full-on RGB noise.
Hradio=2 shows a basically still image, mostly blue.

I've no idea how to interpret any of that, or how to use any of those outputs to make pixels from the #camera to match the background become black (or at least very dark).

- The meaning of the inlets and outlets is not obvious, given only the names.

Would welcome any advice. Thanks!

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