[Gridflow-dev] 10 years old ?

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Fri Jun 17 00:35:22 EDT 2011

btw, anyone noticed it when GridFlow turned 10 years old ?

imho, the reference version for that is 0.2 : any version older than that 
doesn't count, as 0.2 introduced grids. I think 0.2 is the origin of the 
project even though the name « GridFlow » only came later.

That makes the first release date 5 of May 2001, and the beginning of the 
work on it was a few weeks before. (the tarball on the website has a 
different timestamp for some reason, but the ChangeLog is correct)

Gridless early test externals came between January and March 2001. (Much 
of them was what became src/x11.cxx after a lot of gradual transformation)

I'm pretty sure that I wrote down my first plans (for grids in jMax) in 
December 1999 while in the Ottawa-Montréal long-distance bus, but I didn't 
write a date on the papers.

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