[Gridflow-dev] parentheses in messageboxes

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Thu Feb 3 20:38:17 EST 2011

Since a few days, GridFlow doesn't understand parentheses in messageboxes 
anymore. This is normal. However, if you see that it causes any problems 
to you, or anything else you notice, please write about it.

This means that in [#for]
   «set ( $1 $2 )» is replaced by «set $1 $2»
   «set ( $1 )»    is replaced by «set 1 # $1»

But attributes that rely on this, in general, haven't been fixed yet. This 
means other methods in [#for], [cv/#Ellipse], ... what else ?

note that you can't take a "grid" and send it to a «set $1» messagebox and 
send that to [#for]'s left inlet. It's the same for all other grid 
attributes that don't use the grid-method. perhaps another TODO ?

and btw, if you have any issues with the numbertype out of [#import] 
(without dimensions), please write about it (I changed it twice and I'm 
still not satisfied).

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